Horizontal Directional Drilling

Do you want to install a water line, sewer line, gas line, or any other utility without the mess of digging a trench? HDD is a steerable, trenchless means for installing underground utilities. This gives you an option to install a utility without the consequence of tearing up your property by digging an open trench or if digging is not an option. With our precision locating system, the possibilities are endless. Driven Drilling has the capability and equipment to install that utility with very little disturbance to your property, such as landscaping, lawn, driveway, trees, and/or infrastructures.

Automatic Animal Waterers and Hydrants

Automatic_animal_watererDriven Drilling can make sure you no longer have any animal watering problems by installing a heated, automatic animal waterer and/or hydrant. With our directional drill, or an excavator, we can install the waterlines only or complete the entire project, including burying the electrical line, pouring the concrete slab, and mounting the waterer. Finally, resolving the days of dealing with a frozen garden hose and/or water tanks in the winter months.